Inside The Byblos Hotel: 6 Reasons You Should Stay At This Saint-Tropez Icon

inside the byblos hotel 6 reasons you should stay at this saint tropez icon

Sumary of Inside The Byblos Hotel: 6 Reasons You Should Stay At This Saint-Tropez Icon:

  • (Photo by Reg Lancaster/Daily Express/Getty Images) Getty Images If there’s one hotel that’s synonymous with Saint-Tropez, it’s the Byblos.
  • The sleepy fishing village depicted in the paintings of artists like Paul Signac and Henri Matisse was first put on the map by the 50s movie And God Created Woman starring blonde bombshell Brigitte Bardot.
  • 1. An Ode To Love: Immerse Yourself In The Backstory Right: Brigitte Bardot at the inauguration party of the Byblos Hotel, 1967. Left: the original .
  • Byblos Hotel It all started with the French 1956 movie And God Created Woman (Et Dieu.
  • The young actress already had a huge fan base, including Jean-Prosper Gay-Para, a Lebanese entrepreneur who had the Byblos Hotel, named after one of the oldest ports of Lebanon, built in hope of wooing Bardot into his arms.
  • While his great-grandfather wasn’t particularly smitten with Bardot, he was an art lover and keen art collector, so Chevanne has kept his passion alive by continuing to display and add to the eclectic selection scattered throughout the hotel.

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