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Five amazing bridge designs that never became a reality, from London to New York

You know what they say about the best-laid plans…

Here we reveal five eye-catching bridge designs for famous waterways around the world that never saw the light of day.

Scroll down for mesmerising renderings of the bridges, from the incredible seven-storey Crystal Span Bridge in London to the six-lane Brooklyn-Battery Bridge in New York.

Crystal Span Bridge, London 

How the incredible seven-storey-high glass-clad Crystal Span Bridge might have looked if it had been given the go-ahead to replace Vauxhall Bridge in London. Rendering courtesy of uSwitch

The plans for the Crystal Span Bridge were shelved after they were deemed too costly. Pictured is Vauxhall Bridge across the Thames today 

The Crystal Span Bridge would certainly have been different to any other Thames crossing.

That’s because it would have been seven storeys high and clad in glass – and home to a hotel, an art gallery, a shopping centre and a rooftop garden. The proposal for the 984ft (300m) long bridge was put forward in 1963 by the Glass Age Development Committee set up by glass-making firm Pilkington, which wanted the crossing to replace Vauxhall Bridge.

Traffic would have run across two three-lane carriageways on the bottom floor with shops and the hotel on the upper floors. However, the £7million project was deemed too costly by the then London County Council and the plans to build the bridge were shelved.

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