The history of Mijas – Shaped by a wide variety of cultures

the history of mijas shaped by a wide variety of cultures

Sumary of The history of Mijas – Shaped by a wide variety of cultures:

  • Ancient remains can still be seen in the town LIKE most towns in southern Spain, Mijas has a rich and varied history during which the people who have inhabited the area have shaped it to be what it is today.
  • Ancient history — — Mijas was inhabited by humans in prehistoric times as far back as the Upper Paleolithic, with remains having been found from the Bronze Age.
  • From 900 BC, like other areas along the coast of Malaga, the area now known as Mijas was inhabited by the Phoenicians who generally settled at the mouths of rivers and would then begin to trade with the local population.
  • The walls of Mijas Pueblo are from the Phoenician era, and remains have ceramics have been found which prove there was an established population in the area until the second century BC when the Romans began to arrive in the area and became the dominant culture.
  • Romans arrive When the Romans arrived in the area, they built roads which allowed them to safely get between the South of Spain and Rome, for commercial matters and for the movement of soldiers.
  • One such road, which is documents in the third century, linked the cities of Malaca (Malaga) and Gades (Cadiz) and went through what is now Mijas, also used by other smaller towns.

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