9 Lakes In Moldova That Are Worth A Visit On Your Trip To This Landlocked Country

9 lakes in moldova that are worth a visit on your trip to this landlocked country

Moldova is a country which is situated in Eastern Europe. It was also a previous Soviet republic and contains a landscape which includes forests, vineyards, rocky hills, and more. It is popular for its wine regions which include the Nistreana which is famous for its reds as well as Codru, which houses some of the largest cellars in the world. The capital of Moldova, Chisinau is made up of a Soviet style of architecture and is a fascinating blend of the past and present. But this natural and man-made beauty is further enhanced by the amazing lakes in Moldova that are a must visit on your next Eurotrip. Wondering why? Scroll below to find out.

Here’s a list of the 9 best lakes in the country of Moldova that offer a respite to the tourists who are tired of exploring the land. Just so that you shouldn’t, take a note of the below.

This isn’t exactly a lake of Moldova but is a reservoir which was constructed on the Kuchurhan River. It is situated on the border between that of Moldova and Ukraine. Located in Odessa Oblast, Transnistria; it receives inflows from the Kuchurhan River and it outflows into the Turunchuk River…

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