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When it comes to knowledge of the lofty places of the world, will you be reaching dizzy heights or bumbling about on lower slopes?If you were trekking in the High Tatras, which country would you be in? HungarySlovakiaBulgariaSloveniaRegularly smouldering Mount Shishaldin is regarded as the world's most perfectly conical volcano. Which country is it in?USJapanNepalBoliviaThe 2,962-metre summit of Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain, is visited by half a million...

At historic Swiss ski resort, Andermatt, an eco-sensitive project breathes new life into storied slopes

It has been a hard slog, and the cold creeping its way into my jacket is letting me know I should have invested in neckwear, but finally, I’m picking up speed. However, so is a large Volkswagen skidding across the ice in my general direction.Perhaps the cross-country variety was not the wisest choice for a ski novice. Instructor Steve Gisler has been encour­aging of my plodding across this...