Philippines In June: A Wonderful Time To Visit The Asian Nation

Everyone wants to visit a breezy holiday spot during their holidays. The Philippines is one such destination that will deliver on the “slice of paradise” promise. You can go on a trip through the metropolis of Manila, the capital…

Mahabaleshwar Vs Lonavala: Which Is The Best Monsoon Getaway?

Hill stations are mostly preferred as a holiday destination in India. The charismatic aura of the hill stations makes up for a perfect spot for you to rewind and relax in the lap of Mother Nature. You would be…

Secluded Landscapes: The Incredible Spiti

So much has been said about the magnificent Spiti valley, and yet it never fails to surprise. An OT reader on her journey through this cold desert landscape …

Here Are The Top Trends In Vegan And Plant-Based Desserts

For modern consumers, the motivation behind dessert selections has experienced a marked shift, with vegan desserts taking centre-stage as the perfect alternative to treats that are typically laden with animal-based, less-healthy ingredients. Here are the top five trends in…

The Christmas Garden Stuttgart

Banish any dark thoughts and gloominess this holiday season with a visit to the magical Christmas Garden in Stuttgart! This enchanting playground of illumination will bring light (literally and figuratively) and joy ahead of the holiday season. [Christmas Garden…

Jazzfest Berlin

One of the longest-running European festivals is set to return to the city of Berlin this autumn – Jazzfest Berlin. Founded in 1964, the Berlin Jazz Festival showcases artists from around the globe and increasingly focuses on contemporary European…

You Can Enjoy Canyoning In India At These Cool Places On Your Next Adventure

We are here with an adrenaline-rush adventure sport for all the brave-hearts out there. Let’s talk about the spine-chilling adventure sports – Canyoning. This adventure sport is a perfect combination of scenic natural beauty and hastening adrenaline. Canyoning in…

Ethiopia: Positive Stride for Revamping Local Tourism

[Ethiopian Herald] Endegena Desalegn, Acting Communication Director with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) has elucidated the overall activities that have been put in to practice to stimulate the tourism sector. Of all the major economic sectors, tourism…

Cream past its best? Turn it into soured cream | Waste not

If your cream seems on the turn, there’s no need to waste itAlthough I try to curtail my consumption of cream, I’m the kind of person who likes to pour it on everything – into coffee, over cereal and,…

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