15 Best Places To Visit In Mozambique In 2021 To Quench Your Wanderlust

Mozambique is a country in Africa, which is rich in African cultural heritage and it reflects in its food, music, and art. Mozambique generally has a warm tropical climate which suits all tourists. Dotted with beaches, marine parks, the ruins from colonial-era, and fresh seafood, this South African nation is an absolute delight to visit. This scenic…

Viva Air France! Airline ups flight offering between Joburg and Paris

There has been a notable absence of international airlines operating flights to destinations in Southern Africa since the onset of the global pandemic. The situation has worsened by the discovery of the South African COVID-19 variant in December 2020 and subsequent travel bans.Air France however, is increasing its presence and expanding its operations…

Direct flights from Cape Town to Lisbon to take off in November

Portugal’s national carrier TAP Air Portugal is no stranger to South African skies. The airline previously operated between Johannesburg and Lisbon. However, it scrapped the route several years ago due to profitability issues. TAP Air Portugal will return to South Africa later in 2021 when it launches direct flights from its base in Lisbon to Cape

Mozambique: Nyusi Relaxes Travel Restrictions

[AIM] Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, speaking to the nation on Thursday night, announced a relaxation in the travel restrictions imposed because of the Covid-19 pandemic….

My 13 Favourite Tropical Islands

It wasn’t meant to be this way. Back when I was first planning to travel long-term, I didn’t think my journey would have a focus. I wanted to see it all: cities, villages, lakes, mountains, rainforests, glaciers, deserts, and…

Only mad dogs and ‘Gautengers’ go out in the Mozambican midday sun

The first mistake on the Mozambican meander was the time of day chosen to walk from Dream Beach to Ponta do Ouro town; the second mistake was deciding that it made sense to walk along the so-called road so that we could take advantage of the hostelries along the way. So, with two Mozambican mistakes under our belts, there we were two guys past their

6 Best Resorts Near Kochi For A Surreal Stay Amidst Nature’s Beauty In 2020

Known as the “Queen of the Arabian sea,” Kochi is one of the most beautiful urban cities in India. Not only is the city quite clean and well-maintained, but has a rich history that attracts a lot of visitors every year. Kochi is also known for its beaches and beach resorts. If a coastal staycation is on your mind, then you must consider the resorts

Discover Mpumalanga’s natural wonders and attractions

It is one of South Africa’s smallest provinces and yet it is home to a vast diversity of wildlife and landscape alike. Mpumalanga is derived from the Zulu phrase, “where the sun rises” and is aptly known as “paradise country” by the locals. The landlocked province is bordered by two other nations — Mozambique and Swaziland — and provides

List: There are now 101 countries SA nationals can travel to visa-free

We all know that the famous ‘Green Mamba‘ isn’t exactly the greatest passport in the world. But as South Africans, it’s the best many of us will ever get. The Henley & Partners travel index has been updated for 2020, with Mzansi having to settle for a mid-table finish. In total, 101 countries are accessible for SA nationals on a visa-free

Skydiving Vs Paragliding 2020: Dive Or Glide, Your Choice

Skydiving in simple words is parachuting from an aeroplane for fun and adventure. It is indeed plenty of thrills to feel like a bird even for those few minutes. It is well known to be done individually let alone in groups. On the other hand, paragliding is the recreational and a very enjoyable yet thrilling adventure sport of flying paragliders. It

Nosy Be: Escape to a tropical island paradise in Madagascar

Flights between Johannesburg and Nosy Be will commence in December. Airlink will operate a seasonal schedule on this route. There will be one flight per week, continuing for six to eight weeks, starting 13 December. WHERE IS NOSY BE? Nosy Be is an island located off the northwest coast of Madagascar. The island is situated in the Mozambique Channel,

Sri Lanka In June: Guide To Experience The Best Of Nature

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay Sri Lanka, a land of legend, myth and history offers a world filled with the richest cultures. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and more so for the extravagant beauty it offers. If nature, beaches and solitude is what you prefer, Sri Lanka is the place to be. Sri Lanka in June experiences

Ponta do Ouro: 10km and years away from KwaZulu-Natal

Crossing the South African border near Kosi Bay and travelling a mere 10km to Ponta do Ouro in southern Mozambique is a remarkable journey that may be short but takes you back years to the days when rustic seaside towns ruled. It is a town that is loved by South Africans because, contrary to the Plett experience, Ponta do Ouro on the surface doesn’t

20 Places To Visit In Margao For A Memorable Trip To Goa In 2020!

Goa is one of the most happening places of all time, and this is a favorite destination for those who love partying. Goa always sets a perfect ambiance for all those who want to chill out and drool in different kinds of drinks and there are also a lot of places to visit in Margao. People come here to experience the extravaganza and the nightlife, especially

Taking off: Airline confirms new regional flight network

South Africa’s borders will reopen on 1 October, allowing travel to and from countries outside of South Africa. Privately owned South African airline Airlink operated flights to domestic and regional destinations prior to the lockdown and closure of South Africa’s borders. Airlink operated its network in conjunction with South African Airways

African travel: Best places to go in October for one-of-a-kind experiences

Here are some of the best places to visit for unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences in Africa. African travel Tiger fishing in Zambia The fish are biting and it’s time to head to the water in Zambia. While most rivers and lakes in Zambia carry good stocks of fish, the main drawcard for most fishermen and anglers is the tough tiger
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