Mantis St Helena Hotel: heritage luxury on St Helena, isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean

St Helena, way out in the South Atlantic? Can you get there without spending a week on a Cruise? Well, not right now, no. But in non-pandemic times, it’s six hours in a plane from Johannesburg, South Africa, and 4½ hours back. The plane refuels in Namibia on the outbound flight, just in case the weather is bad over St Helena and it has to return to the...

Wine tasting in South Africa, explore voodoo in Benin, Namibia’s ghost towns and stargazing in Malawi – the best destinations to visit in Africa if you’re not into safari

The world’s second-largest continent offers much more than animal safaris – as this list proves. Here’s seven thTo many uninformed would-be traveller, Africa is apparently a continent that offers nothing but animal safaris. Yet Africa is a vast continent with many faces – well worth visiting even if you’re not into watching wildlife.Could coronavirus usher in an era of ethical wildlife Tour?South AfricaView this post on InstagramA post...

Namibia: African Safari Industry Continues to Suffer During COVID-19 Pandemic

[Namibia Economist] Online marketplace for African safari tours,, recently ran its fourth monthly survey among 308 safari tour operators.Want to know more on Namibia: African Safari Industry Continues to Suffer During COVID-19 Pandemic click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from allAfrica Travel News.Author:

Destination Dreaming: Remote escapes for when we can travel again

There’s no denying the world’s not exactly in a great place and all fans of travel are getting used to pushing out their travel plans as coronavirus fears take hold and the travel ban implications sink in. And yet, like all good things, travel and the thought of far-away places gets us through the tough times, the proverbial light at the end of the dark and germ-filled tunnel....