Nepal Considers Banning Women from Travelling Abroad

It seems to be the 'age of patriarchy' in several countries these days. Consider Nepal where the country’s immigration department has decided to propose a new law wherein women under 40 would need permission from the local government and her family (read, male member) to travel abroad. According to government officials, the law has been proposed to

How Is Diwali Celebrated All Around The World?

Whether you’re celebrating Diwali in Singapore, South Africa or even Dubai, these lights will certainly guide you home. This Diwali is more about survival and being grateful for the gift of life. Let’s see how the world will celebrate…

‘Astro-stays’ bring tourists and solar power to Himalayan villages

An Indian social business that leads Himalayan treks to set up solar micro-grids in remote mountain villages plans to expand its clean-energy work to other countries facing similar challenges, after winning a United Nations climate award. …

6 Remarkable Resorts Near Siliguri That Offer The Best Of Views And The Stay!

Known as the portal to north-east India, Siliguri is one of the most important cities for tourists all around the world. It not only connects the seven sisters to mainland India but this glorious city is also a connection to the four international borders of China, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Upon that, it’s cool climate and raw beauty invite people
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