10 Best Homestays In Kathmandu For A Budget-Friendly Stay Experience In This Ancient City!

Kathmandu is a city filled with the glory of the ancient temples and undaunted beauty of the gigantic mountains which encloses the city. This place is a perfect getaways for the seasonal backpackers and the enthusiastic travelers. In the recent times, Kathmandu has become quite a popular place among the travelers. With its rising importance, the city…

Nepal Bans All Domestic and International Flights

Nepal has banned all domestic flights from Monday (May 3) midnight and all international flights from Wednesday (May 5) midnight until May 14 due to increasing COVID-19 cases.Health Minister Hridayesh Tripathi has stated that the decision on flight restrictions will be in place until May 14, but charter flights will be allowed.Nepal has made quaratine…

10 Magnificent Places To Visit In Pokhara In 2021 For A Soulful And Tranquil Vacation

Nepal is known for its magnificent beauty and is considered to be a paradise for travellers as there are so many majestic places that you can visit and soak in the natural delight. Pokhara is one these places and it possess a great gift of extreme natural beauty. This beauty is nestled in the Annapurna range, which is the tenth highest mountain in the…

How Kathmandu got back to its chaotic best, six years after the earthquake

couldn’t hold back the tears when I’d visited Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley in 2015. Six years ago today, these ancient streets were devastated by the Gorkha earthquake that killed nearly 9,000 people as it ripped through the heart of Nepal. “Long afterwards, people thought they heard ghosts crying and hands reaching from the rubble to…

Beautiful Bandipur

In front of me is the tiny village of Bandipur, its entirety fitting in my vision, replete with Newari architecture that Nepal is so famous for.Located just 45 minutes away from Mugling, the birthplace of commercial dal-bhaat and a pitstop for the Thakali Thali, it is a little known part of this Himalayan country that I am eager to get to know.Monarch…

Consider These Snug Homestays In Nepal Your Home While Backpacking In The Paradise

If you are someone who does not fancy luxury hotel experience and goes for something authentic instead, then homestays in Nepal are just the thing for you.Not only are they an excellent way to experience the local culture and lifestyle, but also an affordable option for providing you a snug and comfortable stay on your holiday. There are a lot…

Pokhara Nightlife: 10 Best Places For Witnessing The Charisma Of Nepal At Night!

Pokhara in Nepal is far from being the most happening place in the world, but that doesn’t mean in any way that you can’t enjoy your night stay in this picturesque, laid-back small town in the lap of the lofty snow-covered Himalayas. Even amateur travelers know the place to be in when in Nepal; Pokhara. Pokhara provides you with the combination…

10 Places To Visit Near Kathmandu That’ll Help You Learn The Essence Of Nepal

Kathmandu is and has been for many years the epicentre of Nepal’s beauty and cynosure of the animated arena where flocks of tourists from the worldwide locations pay a call on. For getting the grips with nature to grasping more about the various ethnicities, Kathmandu along with its nearby places serves as the perfect picturesque. Usually, Kathmandu…

Have you checked out this new store in Goa?

After a year in pyjamas and casuals, it’s time to bring back that much-need splash of colour, verve, style and sassiness. And that’s all within arm’s reach at one place: COMO. Earlier this week, the designers’ collective launched its new flagship store in Porvorim, a gorgeous space that brings back the joy of shopping with racks showcasing exquisite…

Nepal Considers Banning Women from Travelling Abroad

It seems to be the 'age of patriarchy' in several countries these days. Consider Nepal where the country’s immigration department has decided to propose a new law wherein women under 40 would need permission from the local government and her family (read, male member) to travel abroad. According to government officials, the law has been proposed to
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