Review: Delta One A350 Suite (Business Class) from Detroit to Amsterdam

Wednesday newsletters always feature a hotel or flight review.Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, I enjoyed a wonderful trip to New York City and the Caribbean islands of Anguilla and St Martin. You can read my trip reports here:Today : Review: Delta One Suite A350 from Detroit to Amsterdam (Business Class)Early 2020,…

33 Best Places To Visit In Amsterdam On Your Amazing Trip In 2021!

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city that invites tourists to look into its charm and history. There are many places to visit in Amsterdam and a vast variety of new things that can be tried out in the city. Often referred to as “Venice of the North” for the overwhelming number of canals here,

The 11 days of drama at sea that changed cruising forever

When Covid first began spreading around the world, it seemed there was nowhere worse to be than stuck on board a cruise ship. From the unprecedented scramble for safe harbor to the gigantic ghost ships that began appearing off…

Is Christmas Cancelled In Europe? What We Know So Far

It is too soon to know for sure what the travel restrictions will be across the EU for people looking to celebrate Christmas, but there are early signs appearing, country to country. …

Cunard puts 2022 itineraries on sale

More than 35 countries feature in the 162 newly launched itineraries, covering north of the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean and from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, via the Panama Canal. …

Norway pioneered electric ferries. Now it’s making them self-driving

With medieval origins and a quaint, colorful port, the low-rise Norwegian city of Trondheim doesn’t look very futuristic. But the former Viking capital is making waves with a pioneering transport initiative: a zero-emissions, self-driving electric ferry….

Top 10 best museums in the world

Monday newsletters always feature top 10 travel lists to inspire […]
The post Top 10 best museums in the world appeared first on the Luxury Travel Expert. …

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