Water Parks In Auckland: 4 Places To Unleash Your Inner Water Baby

water parks in auckland 4 places to unleash your inner water baby

And one thing that adds magic to parks is the term ‘water’. From kids to adults, people of all ages that forget everything in places like water parks because of the fun and thrill they have in store for the patrons. Well, if you are planning a vacation to Auckland, New Zealand, or even if you are a local, there is no dearth of water parks in Auckland. Well, if you want to explore these parks and the thrill that they have to offer, do plan a long vacation if you are a traveler.

Get ready for a splashy adventure at these water parks in and near Auckland. Spending a hot summer day at one of these parks will definitely bring out the kid in you, if you’re not already one! Read on:

It is truly one of the best water parks in Auckland with so much to offer. They have qualified and trained guides for kayaking and river rafting. For them, the safety of the people is a top priority. The rides and artificial river courses are straight out of your fantasy. The idea behind Vector Wero Whitewater Park was to facilitate people with an artificial whitewater course. The course makes use of two conveyors to transport users on the kayaks or rafts to short or long watercourses from a large storage lake…

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