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New Travel Warnings Issued From CDC

Sumary of New Travel Warnings Issued From CDC:

  • The CDC has new travel warnings for several popular international travel destinations across the globe as confirmed Covid-19 cases increase.
  • These warnings advise potential travelers to avoid specific countries and to take additional precautions when traveling.
  • (Photo by Monica McGivern/Xinhua via Getty Images) Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images CDC Level 4 Travel Warning This newest batch of travel advisories assigns a Level 4 “Very High” Covid-19 risk level to six countries.
  • This is the highest risk level for the CDC travel warning system.
  • Maarten Bahamas Haiti Kosovo Lebanon Morocco These warnings come as the Delta variant and other variants spread across the United States and international travel destinations.
  • Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are at a higher risk of getting or spreading Covid-19 in countries with the highest risk levels.

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