three golden rules for planning fall travel

Sumary of Three Golden Rules For Planning Fall Travel:

  • Fall in Paris, France getty As the Delta variant continues its march across the planet, it’s no longer a given that things will return to ‘travel normal’ and despite increasing vaccinations, there are doubts about whether travel is a good idea during fall, or indeed winter, 2021. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t currently traveling.
  • Bloomberg reported that U.S. travelers are currently spending a lot of time in Mexico (plane seats are up 30% for the week of 16 Aug, compared to 2019 pre-pandemic levels), Greece (up 29% on the same metrics) and Croatia (where volumes have tripled).
  • What’s more, being vaccinated isn’t the golden ticket it was once thought to be–people can still catch Covid-19 even though the symptoms are reportedly milder.
  • ” If you are planning to book a trip, these golden rules might be a life saver: 1) The immunocompromised and unvaccinated shouldn’t head overseas The CDC recommends that international travel should not be attempted if people are not vaccinated and even vaccinated people should not travel to Level 4 countries.
  • As of 26 August, level 4 countries included France, Iceland, Ireland, the Bahamas, Israel, Greece, Spain and the U.K. The situation improves if more people get vaccinated but immunocompromised people, even vaccinated ones, should not be thinking about traveling overseas right now, on the advice of health and travel specialists.
  • MORE FOR YOU The New York Times reported that travel agents are seeing more people push trips back into 2022 and simply waiting for a safer window of opportunity.

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