airship to offer low carbon flights with floor to ceiling windows

Sumary of Airship to offer low-carbon flights with floor-to-ceiling windows:

  • (CNN) — Growing awareness of the climate crisis means conscientious travelers are increasingly looking for alternatives to trips by airplane..
  • For many, that means traveling by high-speed train, but on Wednesday UK-based company Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) released the latest details of its airship, which boasts a far smaller carbon footprint than a conventional passenger plane..
  • The Airlander 10 aircraft will seat up to 100 passengers and operate with 90% fewer emissions than conventional aircraft, the company said in a press release..
  • A hybrid electric and jet fuel model will be available by 2025, and a fully electric version by 2030, according to the press release..
  • HAV released a set of renderings of the cabin interior to show what it’s going to feel like to fly on the Airlander 10, company chief executive officer Tom Grundy told CNN on Thursday..
  • Airlander journeys won’t compete with long-haul flights or routes already well-served by high-speed rail connections, said Grundy, but will instead focus on pairing up cities a few hundred miles apart..
  • Examples include Liverpool to Belfast, Seattle to Vancouver and Stockholm to Oslo, and Grundy also pointed out that the airship would be particularly useful in island nations such as Indonesia, or in remote areas of northern Canada..
  • That’s the end-to-end journey time — factoring in check-in and travel to and from city centers — which HAV compares to the four hours 24 minutes it estimates a traveler would spend setting out on a commercial airplane trip or nine hours 23 minutes on the existing ferry service..
  • In terms of emissions, HAV used UK government figures to calculate that, for the Liverpool to Belfast journey, an Airlander would produce 4.75 kilograms of carbon dioxide, compared to 4.98 kilograms on the ferry and 67.75 kilograms on an airplane….

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