Border Stores In Canada Fight For A Slice Of $400 Million Tourism Fund

border stores in canada fight for a slice of 400 million tourism fund

Sumary of Border Stores In Canada Fight For A Slice Of $400 Million Tourism Fund:

  • The Canada-US border has been closed to tourist traffic since March 2020.
  • getty Canada’s border duty-free retailers are asking the Trudeau government for a share of a newly-created $400 million (C$500 million) Tourism Relief Fund to give them a chance of survival 16 months into the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • According to the Frontier Duty Free Association (FDFA), which represents Canada’s 33 land border stores, these independently-owned businesses are on their last legs.
  • Duty-free sales here have topped C$150 million annually in the recent past, but they collapsed in 2020, with retailers enduring sales declines of more than 95%, and sometimes 100%.
  • There is no sales revenue to replace them as cross-border tourism into the U.S.
  • This means that small border communities will no longer be able to support tourism and will ultimately crumble.
  • Our businesses, without exaggeration, are in critical condition.” ‘A matter of fairness’ Border duty-free retailers argue that they closed to protect Canadians and it was now the government’s turn to protect what have become fragile businesses as “a matter of fairness” said Barrett.
  • She told me: “So far, no border stores have had to close permanently, but many are on the brink.” MORE FOR YOU The FDFA is also asking for export designation.

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