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China In April: Why This Month Is Just Perfect For A Vacation Here

Sumary of China In April: Why This Month Is Just Perfect For A Vacation Here:

  • But that isn’t all, as China has some of the best travel destinations like its sublime water towns, ancient forts, temples, and Buddhist grottoes.The country will surprise you in all the months but visiting China in April will be an experience hard to forget..
  • Traversing through China is a complete journey and one of the best periods to explore the country is in the month of April..
  • Weather In China In April It is spring in most of the country during the month of April and the weather is pleasant to explore and roam around..
  • Why Visit China In April China is beautiful during the spring and the blooming flowers make the country quite picturesque..
  • The weather too is pleasant unlike the summers when it gets crazy hot and uncomfortable Also, the peak tourist season begins in May and one can skip the rush by heading to China in April Events And Festivals In China In April The best part about traveling is getting a chance to enjoy and be a part of the various festivals of that region..
  • It is a 3-day festival that sees dragon boat races, feasting, fireworks, gifts exchange, water splashing, and parades..
  • Luoyang Peony Festival This is an annual festival that began in 1983 and today draws millions of tourists and peony lovers to Luoyang..
  • If you are headed to China in April, then be a part of this festival and enjoy the varieties of peonies along with folk performances..
  • Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival This is another beautiful festival that begins in the month of March and continues till April, so no worries if you are headed to China in April..
  • The best way to enjoy the peach blossoms in China is by taking the boat and catching the waterside glimpses of them..
  • Weifang International Kite Festival Another great event to be a part of in April in China is the Kite Festival..
  • There are kite flying competitions that take place and one can see kites of various shapes and sizes during this festival..
  • Run The Great Wall Marathon If you are looking for sports events in April in China then, this is one of the bucket list marathons..
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival China has in store some or the other event for all kinds of travelers headed here in the month of April..
  • One can also submit their films and documentaries for the various competitions that are held during the festival..
  • 6 Top Chinatown Food Delicacies Without Which Your Vacation In Singapore Is Incomplete 6 Best Places To Visit In China In April There are a lot of beautiful places that one can visit on a trip to China..
  • An architectural marvel, this wall is one of the greatest man-made wonders in the world and deserves a visit when traveling to China..
  • Zhangjiajie Forest Park Another beautiful destination to visit in China in April 2020 is the Zhangjiajie Forest Park..
  • The Summer Palace comprises of palaces, lakes, and gardens, and is one of the top tourist destinations in China..
  • The Summer Palace is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998 and boasts of a wonderful Chinese landscape garden design..
  • The place is a perfect blend of the natural landscape with manmade additions like temples, bridges, pavilions and more…

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Author: Deepti Gupta