Now Canada is on the green list, head to the natural wonder that is the Bay of Fundy

now canada is on the green list head to the natural wonder that is the bay of fundy

Sumary of Now Canada is on the green list, head to the natural wonder that is the Bay of Fundy:

  • There are occasions — rare and unforgettable — when the universe dances for you.
  • In one of the ballets, the dancers are very small indeed: birds the size of a sparrow or less, each one weighing no more than three pound coins: three quidsworth of beauty that creates something which might dazzle the richest person in the world.
  • Pictured are the bay’s Cape Hopewell Rocks When the tide is out in the bay, up to three miles of land is ‘temporarily exposed’, Simon Barnes explains I see 35,000 of these birds all dancing at the same time, which almost makes me dance for joy myself.
  • The second troupe of dancers consists of more substantial individuals: nine humpback whales, huddled together in a great raft of sociability, the biggest more than 50 ft long and weighing up to 45 tons.
  • And Lord, they do space in New Brunswick: 700,000 people share 28,000 square miles and the nearest large town, Saint John, has a population of around 58,000.A city-dweller must change pace.
  • The city was named after General Robert Monckton, but bears a misspelling of his name SIX NATURAL CANADIAN WONDERS Fin whale: The longest whale of them all, after the blue whale: came up by the boat with a spout that almost joined the clouds.

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