OMG: it’s OWG. With the ‘High Love’ Experience

omg its owg with the high love experience

Sumary of OMG: it’s OWG. With the ‘High Love’ Experience:

  • If you mean the carrier founded longest ago, then KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (founded 1919) is the top contender.
  • At the end of the worst and most expensive holiday I have ever had, the only way out of Baffin Island was provided by this flexible flying friend – taking off for the Arctic to take us south at a few hours’ notice.
  • This aircraft was delivered in May 1974 to the Dutch airline Transavia.
  • Keeping these vintage jets flying is an expensive undertaking, but it makes sense: they are perfectly tuned for the Arctic north, able to land on gravel strips without risking damage and almost instantly convertible from passenger to cargo – or, as on my flight, half-and-half.
  • “OWG Travel wishes to offer its travellers an experience that is the complete opposite of low-cost flights,” the airline gushes.
  • The other compelling component involves “gathering travellers into three specific aircraft zones to provide a customised experience”.

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