The Inside Scoop On Seeing The Arctic Polar Bears In Churchill, Canada

the inside scoop on seeing the arctic polar bears in churchill canada

Sumary of The Inside Scoop On Seeing The Arctic Polar Bears In Churchill, Canada:

  • A polar bear with her cubs in Hudson Bay, Canada getty When most people think of bucket list trips, going to the Arctic to see polar bears often tops the charts.
  • And with so much talk about global warming and the future of polar bears, it’s no wonder that these trips are more popular than ever.
  • And while many people want to see the polar bears, they have a lot of questions: when is polar bear season, how cold does it get, how close will you get to the bears, is it dangerous and where exactly is the best place to go?
  • If you’re looking for polar bears, head to Canada, where 60% of the world’s population lives.
  • Travel Manitoba Churchill, Canada is known as the polar bear capital of the world and for good reason.
  • Canada has 60% of the world’s polar bears (there are between 25,000-30,000 in the world) and Churchill is the southernmost place to see them and the most accessible.

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