Two words you won’t hear on this plane

two words you wont hear on this plane

Sumary of Two words you won’t hear on this plane:

  • German airline group Lufthansa has dropped welcoming language that includes gendered phrases, including the traditional “ladies and gentlemen”.
  • The development follows a shift to exclusively gender-neutral language in internal company communication which began in June this year.
  • However, there is no set replacement for “ladies and gentlemen,” the company clarified, and crew may choose their precise ungendered phrasing “depending on the context and situation”.
  • Not only context but country will also significantly impact how exactly flight crew phrase their greetings, as “the issue of gender-neutral language varies from country to country” a Lufthansa spokesperson said.
  • Lufthansa said it will adjust greetings depending on “whether gender-neutral language is already being used in the various countries and is already made possible by responsible institutions (such as the German Spelling Council)”.
  • Lufthansa’s shift to gender-neutral language follows a switch by other aviators, including Japan Airlines (JAL) in 2020 and both easyJet and Air Canada in 2019.

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