The 10 most furious responses from travel industry bosses to the ‘traffic light’ changes

the 10 most furious responses from travel industry bosses to the traffic light changes

Sumary of The 10 most furious responses from travel industry bosses to the ‘traffic light’ changes:

  • Travel industry leaders have been lining up to lambast the government for the tightening of the screws on leisure travel – moving Portugal from the quarantine-free “green list”.
  • to the “amber list”, requiring multiple tests and self-isolation, and adding popular destinations including Costa Rica, Egypt and Trinidad &.
  • Michael O’Leary, chief executive, Ryanair “This is sadly further evidence that the Johnson government just makes it up as they go along, and this stop-go-stop approach to international travel is damaging for the UK and for millions of UK families..
  • Recommended Julia Lo Bue-Said, chief executive, Advantage Travel Partnership “With Portugal now having been added to the amber list, we are stuck in what can only be described as a travel déjà vu..
  • We have been clear from the outset that countries falling off the list at short notice creates anxiety, confusion, dents consumer confidence and throws up huge operational challenges for travel agents and the industry..
  • Steve Heapy, CEO, and Jet2holidays “When you apply the government own criteria for making decisions about travel, we simply cannot understand why more destinations across Europe, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands are not allowed to open to UK holidaymakers..
  • “Despite all the evidence and data showing that travel can restart safely and at scale, the UK continues to remain largely grounded whilst the rest of Europe opens up..
  • We know international travel can restart safely, so we urge the government to urgently reconsider its approach and work with the industry to help us achieve that.”…

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