The VERY brave boat-tour guide in Costa Rica who hand-feeds enormous wild crocodiles

the very brave boat tour guide in costa rica who hand feeds enormous wild crocodiles

Sumary of The VERY brave boat-tour guide in Costa Rica who hand-feeds enormous wild crocodiles:

  • If the Medal of Honor was awarded for bravery in the tourism industry, crocodile guide ‘Guido’ in Costa Rica would surely be in the running for one..
  • His displays of derring-do come during his tourist boat trips along the Tarcoles River – when he jumps into the water to hand-feed wild crocodiles measuring up to 17ft (5.1m) in length (with chicken from Walmart)..
  • Guido’s crocodilian close encounters have been captured in stunning images and video footage by photographer Josh Edelson, who recently took one of Guido’s trips while on holiday in Costa Rica with his wife..
  • However, he was visiting during the wet season when numbers around the bridge are lower, so he researched where to find them and ‘saw these crazy photos of a guy feeding the crocodiles online’..
  • ‘There was this moment where three crocs all converged on Guido at the same time for the piece of meat he was dangling and he had to draw one further ahead of the other to isolate him..
  • A wary heron watches on as a sizeable crocodile named Walter White, after the Breaking Bad character, targets Guido’s chicken hors d’oeuvre ‘There was this one moment where two crocs came alongside the boat and had a bit of a scuffle..
  • ‘There was one moment where I was taking photos of Guido feeding one crocodile, and then I heard the person next to me gasp and say “oh my god he’s right there”..
  • Justin Bieber opens wide for his chicken lunch, courtesy of one of the bravest tour guides in the world Josh said that while there’s no denying that what Guido does is risky, he does two tours per day and knows the crocs well….

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