8 Best Islands Near Jakarta That Are All About Bliss, Recreation And Thrill

8 best islands near jakarta that are all about bliss recreation and thrill

Sumary of 8 Best Islands Near Jakarta That Are All About Bliss, Recreation And Thrill:

  • 1. Pulau Bidadari Image Source How about a boat ride to an island where you find an old fort upon reaching there?
  • Well, Pulau Bidadari is home to Fort Martello that dates back to the 17th century.
  • 2. Pulau Ayer Image Source If you are looking for a lavish escapade to an island, Pulau Ayer is the place for you.
  • Things to do: Snorkeling, scuba diving 3. Pulau Tidung Image Source Known for the Love Bridge, Pulau Tidung is very famous amongst the locals as well as tourists.
  • Things to do: Visiting love bridge, snorkeling, scuba diving Suggested Read: 10 Jakarta Beaches That Are Bound To Make Your Indonesia Trip All The More Fun 4. Pulau Pari Image Source This island is home to many beautiful and interesting secrets that will leave you mesmerized.
  • Things to do: Cruising, snorkeling Suggested Read: 20 Places To Visit In Jakarta In 2021 That Showcase The Other Side Of Indonesia 5. Pulau Pramuka Image Source If you want to witness how a life on an island is, then head to Pulau Pramuka.

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