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Witness The Beauty Of These 11 Waterfalls In Shimoga That Are A Must-Visit In 2020!

Sumary of Witness The Beauty Of These 11 Waterfalls In Shimoga That Are A Must-Visit In 2020!:

  • Visiting here during the rainy season is the best to see the aquatic beauties of the waterfalls in Shimoga.Shimoga waterfalls are a popular choice for nature lovers, adventure seekers and if you are taking a monsoon tour in India..
  • The villagers(belonging to Shimoga) are the local guides to take you to the hidden waterfalls present in Shimoga..
  • Kunchikal Falls Barkana Falls Onake Abbi Falls Jogigundi Falls Jog Waterfalls Hidlumane Falls Dabbe Falls Honnemaradu Falls Achakanya Falls Koodlu Theertha Falls Unchalli Falls 1..
  • Kunchikal Falls Kunchikal fall in Shimoga is a breathtaking waterfall flowing down from a height of 1492.78-ft on the Western Ghats Mountain..
  • Once in Shimoga town, you have to travel via road 56-miles to reach the Kunchikal Falls in Nidagodu village.Entry fee:.
  • Onake Abbi Falls This is one of the hidden waterfalls in Shimoga, which you must trek in the rainforest and discover them by the waterfall sound..
  • Jog Waterfalls These plunge waterfalls are the 2nd highest waterfalls in India and the highest waterfalls in Shimoga..
  • It is advisable to come here in the early morning and see the sun rays glittering on the droplets of sprinkled water from this falls..
  • Hidlumane Falls Imagine hearing the sound of water falling on the rocks while you are trekking through a dense forest..
  • While going through the trekking trail, you will come across several spots where you can get a clear view of these Shimoga waterfalls..
  • But the best part of Hidlumane waterfalls is the top point from where you get the best view of water falling down ferociously..
  • The best way to reach this place is by taking a train till Kundapura Railway Station and then hire a jeep to reach the starting point of the trek that is needed for these waterfalls.Entry fee:.
  • Dabbe Falls The meaning of the word ‘Dabbe’ translates to ‘steps’ in the local language which totally justifies the name as the water falls through several steps..
  • Situated near Hosagadde Village, these waterfalls are known for its sheer beauty and serenity which has attracted many nature-buffs till now..
  • As these waterfalls are a part of Sharavati Valley, it is wrapped with foliage and amazing landscapes that add to its beauty..
  • The nearest railway station to Dabbe falls is Talguppa railway station from where you can take a cab to reach the trekking point.Entry fee:.
  • Apart from this, you can also take any local transport and reach coffee estate from where the waterfalls are just 10-minutes away by walking.Entry fee:.
  • Achakanya Falls Falling from a height of 6-7 feet, Achakanya Falls is nothing but a piece of heaven on earth that people were not aware of…

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