Pilgrim’s Progress: Explore Spain on Foot

The couple, now convinced that their son was innocent and therefore kept alive by the grace of the local holy man—Santo Domingo—rushed to the mayor to demand the release of the…

Spain won’t go on red list, experts predict

Noting “another 29 per cent drop” in cases in the country, data specialist and journalist Tim White tweeted, “Spain seems certain to stay amber,” encouraging one follower t…

Need to Renew Your Passport? Good Luck.

Passport Acceptance Agency.During the most extensive travel shutdown in modern history, hundreds of thousands of Americans let their passports expire. But despite the State Departm…

Carnival returns to operation from PortMiami

Carnival Cruise Line has launched its first cruise from in almost 16 months from PortMiami, with the departure of Carnival Horizon.. The company said the move would provide a significant boost to the local economy, as tens…

Is It A Good Time To Visit The Dominican Republic?

With lingering safety issues and the threat of Covid-19, this question is akin to asking if it is a good time to experience what it like to feed an alligator.. Certainly, it is full of adventure and unique thrills, but one…

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