in praise of the abaca

Sumary of In Praise of the Abaca:

  • This island province may be often used as a typhoon observation point, but unknown to many, this tourism frontier helped put the country in the world fiber trade with its sturdy product—the abaca..
  • It is for this reason that the province recently held the Fifth Abaca Festival to showcase its valuable indigenous fiber, a proverbial gold mine, which has been the pride of the province since the Spanish-era galleon trade..
  • This year festivities consisted of a blend of physical and online events, included a trade and tourism fair showcasing home furnishings, decorative accessories, and novelty by-products..
  • Together, we shall honor the abaca and its importance not only to our industry and economy, but also our culture,”.
  • He noted that the virtual celebration is part of the long-range preparation for the restart of the local tourism industry, along with the current efforts in ensuring compliance to government health and safety protocols..
  • Once an obscure, secluded beach in Puraran, Baras, it boasts of powdery sand, crystalline water and quaint resorts offering delectable regional specialties and ice-cold drinks..
  • It is also home to quaint resorts with water sports equipment where guests can kayak, do stand-up paddle, and snorkel in the crystalline waters..
  • Despite being an unpolished gem, Catanduanes is already glittering with its natural attractions wonders which evoke a rustic allure—Tuwad-Tuwadan Blue Lagoon, Cagnipa Rolling Hills, and Hiyop Highlands in Pandan, Binurong View Point in Baras, and the San Miguel River Park…

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