Travel news – live: Turkey and Pakistan may come off red list, says expert, as Trainline celebrate …

travel news live turkey and pakistan may come off red list says expert as trainline celebrates recovery

Sumary of Travel news – live: Turkey and Pakistan may come off red list, says expert, as Trainline celebrates recovery:

  • Turkey, Pakistan and Mexico are among the countries that could come off the UK’s red list at the next travel update, says expert Tim White.
  • The data analyst and travel expert has been closely watching the Covid cases and infection rates in destinations across the globe.
  • At present, people coming into the UK from red list countries must quarantine in a hotel for 10 days, at their own expense.
  • Trainline also reported an accelerated shift towards digital ticketing, saying e-tickets now account for 40 per cent of all tickets sold in the UK.Chief executive Jody Ford said: “It is reassuring to see demand for rail travel coming back strongly in all markets across Europe, following an incredibly tough period for the industry.
  • ”Lucy Thackray14 September 2021 14:011631617705‘Close’ call for Jamaica going on the UK’s red list, says expertJamaica is a borderline candidate to go on the red list at this week’s travel traffic light update, says Covid data expert Tim White.
  • “Jamaica, on the old criteria of cases, tests, vax rates, incoming passengers arriving infected &

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