1,001 Details In One Month: Reopening A Hotel Is A Tough Job

1001 details in one month reopening a hotel is a tough job

Sumary of 1,001 Details In One Month: Reopening A Hotel Is A Tough Job:

  • Hilton Chicago When the 1,544-room Hilton Chicago reopens today following more than a year closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be a lot to celebrate..
  • It a mammoth undertaking, especially for Chicago second largest hotel, that involves more than just unlocking the front door..
  • When local and regional restrictions eased to the point of opening the city convention center, Wells and his team made the decision to put into action the reopening plans they had been working on for a year..
  • They decided in early May to reopen June 10, and the wheels went into motion to return the hotel to operation in just one month..
  • Taking a hotel out of hibernation mode Hilton Chicago illuminated guest rooms in the outline of numbers as part of an oversized countdown ….
  • Hilton Chicago During the year-long closure, rooms were stripped of their linens and left with their doors ajar to improve circulation through the hotel..
  • On a daily basis, staff checked in on each guest room to flush toilets, run the showers and check to make sure there were no plumbing issues or frozen pipes..
  • Hilton Chicago There are four miles of carpeting to vacuum before guests arrive and 1,650 in-room refrigerators to clean….

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