5 things to do when visiting Wellfleet

5 things to do when visiting wellfleet

Sumary of 5 things to do when visiting Wellfleet:

  • A beach sticker is required to park at Duck Harbor, she said, but guests can also park at the National Seashore’s Great Island Trail and bike over, she said.
  • Hike the Great Island Trail The Cape Cod National Seashore’s Great Island Trail is Congel’s favorite place to meet friends.
  • ” What readers say about Wellfleet: “Hate to give up my spot but Great Island Trail is a must experience,” wrote @kmoriahb.
  • For things to do: Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail — @mayamtz11, @dreann10Cahoon Hollow Beach — @Chloeg104, @alvcourt, @o.
  • kellyWellfleet Marine Retail Store — @donnasponyWellfleet OysterFest — @bethanyrochefort, @dreann10Wellfleet Flea Market — @jenn.
  • wall, @Gstone208, @Karenfaheyriccardi, @glinny616 : For food and drink: Blue Willow Bakery — @_sar_alexandraBomb Shelter Pub — @briannamcarstens, @melluvspatsBookstore &

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