Angela Dimayuga on ‘Filipinx’ and her mission to help drive Filipino cuisine forward

angela dimayuga on filipinx and her mission to help drive filipino cuisine forward

Sumary of Angela Dimayuga on ‘Filipinx’ and her mission to help drive Filipino cuisine forward:

  • Filipinx offers 100 deeply personal recipes—many of them dishes that define home for Angela Dimayuga and the more than four million people of Filipino descent in the United States.
  • Visaya Chef Angela Dimayuga wanted to explore Filipino food seriously as a professional cook but when she was just starting, she was told that that Euro-centric cuisine was the way to go in order to be seen.
  • In her debut cookbook, acclaimed chef Angela Dimayuga shares her passion for Filipino food with home cooks.
  • This year, she added ‘author’ to her name and came up with her debut cookbook called “Filipinx: Heritage Recipes From the Diaspora.
  • It has been a moment and I’m just coming to it but I feel very welcome,” Dimayuga told us at their book launch party in Brooklyn.
  • The book, co-written with Ligaya Mishan of the New York Times, offers 100 personal recipes culled from her family and the years of learning the cuisine from her mom and Lola.

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