Bezos Vs. Branson Space Race: Billionaire Ego Trip Or Dawn Of A New Era?

bezos vs branson space race billionaire ego trip or dawn of a new era

Sumary of Bezos Vs. Branson Space Race: Billionaire Ego Trip Or Dawn Of A New Era?:

  • NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: Virgin Atlantic Founder Richard Branson (L) wearing a spacesuit arrives at …
  • Barnum would have loved promoting the billionaire race into space.
  • Two famed billionaire ex-CEOs, Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson, battling for publicity as they gratify boyhood desires to blast off into space.
  • It is a showdown any promoter would love, particularly as it takes the focus away from questions about the value of the actual product being pitched, space tourism.
  • Still, the billionaire blast-off will bring the long-promised space tourism “business” some much-needed proof of concept.
  • So far, billions of dollars have been raised and spent, and neither Virgin Galactic nor Bezos’ Blue Origin has yet launched a paying passenger into space.
  • With global space tourism projected to reach just $1.7 billion by 2027 (pocket change for $177 billion-dollar man Bezos) does a brief flirtation with weightlessness herald a new kind of travel, or is just a billionaire’s ego trip?
  • Virgin Galactic, founded in 2004, has a waiting list of 8,000 for a suborbital space jaunt.

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