How to Paint 50,000 Miles of Lines

how to paint 50000 miles of lines

Sumary of How to Paint 50,000 Miles of Lines:

  • On a recent Saturday, Alex Garza painted around 120,000 feet of white edge lines on freeway ramps in Lansing and Brighton, Mich.
  • “A good day would be 400,000 feet,” said Garza, 55, who has been working for PK Contracting, the biggest pavement marking contractor in the state, since he was 22. Line painting, or pavement marking is an essential, but rarely considered, speciality within the field of construction that helps us all to get from point A to point B safely.
  • Lay them out back-to-back and you could cross America 16 times.
  • And that’s without accounting for tens of thousands of “bike dudes” — official pavement marker lingo — cross walks, arrows and the accompanying stretched out ONLYs that tell drivers where they can and cannot go.
  • Creating an edge on a busy freeway requires extreme speed so line painters turn to a material that dries within seconds.
  • The fast drying thermoplastic won’t last there, so the line crew picks a more durable paint even though it might take an inconvenient three minutes to dry.

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