How You Can Partake In The Sweet Tradition Of Latin America’s Rosca De Reyes

how you can partake in the sweet tradition of latin americas rosca de reyes

San Antonio’s La Panaderia adds a twist with vanilla and chocolate flavored ising. La Panaderia

In Latin America and Spain, the celebration of Epiphany Day on January 6, widely known as Día de Reyes, marks the end of the holidays. As such an important day, it comes with its own food and drink traditions, the most important being the traditional Rosca de Reyes, the equivalent of Louisiana’s famed King Cake.

This iconic pastry is a sweet yeast bread, shaped as an oval or ring decorated with candied fruits to represent the bejeweled crowns worn by the Three Wise Men when they visited the Baby Jesus. It is enjoyed starting on the evening of January 5 and through January 6, usually with a cup of hot chocolate. If you want to partake in this fun tradition, there are a few places where you can purchase a perfectly legit rosca.

La Panadería Mexican bakery in San Antonio features miniature roscas on their regular roster of pastries, but during Reyes season they bake family-sized ones as well. With flavors of orange and guava and decorated with chocolate and vanilla butter crust and candied cherries, these are as beautiful as they are delicious.

In Mexican culture it’s traditional to hide a plastic baby to symbolize Jesus, and whoever finds it in their slice must throw a party on February 2 for family and friends. As not everyone is familiar with the tradition, La Panadería includes the baby separately so people can hide them on their own. You can pre-order a small rosca for $4.50, a six-pack of small roscas for $24, or a family size rosca for $24.

La Monarca Bakery in Los Angeles makes a traditional brioche rosca decked with candied fruit. La Monarca


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