Pilot rebuffs Biden’s vax mandate amid Southwest turmoil: ‘We have all the control’ …

pilot rebuffs bidens vax mandate amid southwest turmoil we have all the control

Sumary of Pilot rebuffs Biden’s vax mandate amid Southwest turmoil: ‘We have all the control’:

  • A commercial airline pilot slammed President Biden for his September edict mandating most U.S. employees receive an injection of the coronavirus vaccine to be able to keep their jobs, as Southwest Airlines continues to grapple with hundreds of canceled flights initially blamed on weather and other issues.
  • Joshua Yoder, co-founder of U.S. Freedom Flyers, told Fox News on Monday that pilots and other staff should not be forced to submit to an injection of unwanted pharmaceuticals at the order of their government.
  • “In that regard, Carlson said this entire situation would’ve been avoidable, had it not been for a “purge overseen by Susan Rice” of unvaccinated Americans: “[It] ha[s] nothing whatsoever to do with public health and everything to do with the accumulation of political power.
  • “While Biden continues to act as if he has all of the power in this equation, Yoder said the opposite is true, as evidenced by the alleged mass sick-outs or walk-outs.
  • “Host Tucker Carlson noted Biden’s habit to-date is to criticize and target Americans who do not comply with his personal wishes – pointing to a recent speech alongside Illinois Gov.

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