Rare blue lobster found in Gloucester

rare blue lobster found in gloucester

Sumary of Rare blue lobster found in Gloucester:

  • Rare blue lobster found in Gloucester Local The New England Aquarium predicts one in 2 million lobsters is blue.
  • Toby Burnham holds the rare blue lobster for pictures for Good Morning Gloucester before throwing it back into the ocean.
  • Joey Ciaramitaro/Good Morning Gloucester The ocean wasn’t the only thing blue off the coast of Gloucester yesterday: on Saturday morning, a local lobsterman found a rare bright blue lobster in his catch.
  • Toby Burnham, a Gloucester lobsterman at Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Company, said the bright blue color appeared to be “glowing” from the trap, especially while surrounded by the standard dark brown lobsters.
  • The blue color is caused by a genetic defect that produces an excess amount of one protein that gives the lobsters a blue shell, according to the University of Maine Lobster Institute.
  • ” Ciaramitaro also said he runs the popular blog Good Morning Gloucester, where he regularly posts pictures of mutant lobster found in their traps.

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