What’s the best thing to do on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer?

whats the best thing to do on marthas vineyard in the summer

Sumary of What’s the best thing to do on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer?:

  • What’s the best reason to visit Martha’s Vineyard in the summer?
  • Photo by Kristi Palma / Boston.com Boston.com Book Club’s next read is ‘Summer on the Bluffs’ by Sunny Hostin Every summer New England residents and tourists flock to Martha’s Vineyard to get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the sandy beaches and scenic views the island has to offer.
  • Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” recently became a New York Times bestselling author for her latest book “Summer on the Bluffs.” Hostin first visited Martha’s Vineyard 18 years ago when she was a teenager living in the Bronx.
  • Her book showcases the important history of Oak Bluffs as a haven for Black elite on Martha’s Vineyard, where the characters’ life-changing summer takes place.Advertisement: “I remember thinking, ‘What is this magical island you take a ferry to and then go to a beach where everyone looks like you?’ You really do become obsessed with the place,” Hostin said about Oak Bluffs in an interview with Real Simple.
  • Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama spent part of every August on the island for seven out of the eight years he was in office and became permanent homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard in 2019.
  • The Obamas have dined locally, playing golf with big-name basketball players, and bowling at the Barn &
  • Bowl Bistro.Advertisement: Travelers wanting to support Black-owned businesses this summer will find one of the best hotels in Oak Bluffs, according to Sweet July.
  • We want to know what our readers think makes the perfect summer on Martha’s Vineyard.

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