A Maritime Heritage Complex is Coming Up in Gujarat

Excavations have revealed remains of an artificial dock which was likely connected to an old course of the Sabarmati River and many other proof of a flourishing urban city here.. The Union Ministry of Culture, in deference…

7 Indian Artisanal Chocolates You Won’t Feel Like Sharing

Indian bean to bar chocolate makers have slowly but steadily carved a niche for themselves in the overall chocolate market.. With cacao beans sourced from their own organic farms or from select ones located across Kerala,…

Of Ancient Caves and Mausoleums

The old wrinkles of a bygone era enhance the youthful flush of the tourist-driven economy in Aurangabad which acts as the gateway to Ajanta-Ellora, like the rambling fort wall of the city or the sun-bleached dargahs that…

Gambia: On Gambia, Guinea Tourism Cooperation!

As African countries look inwards by taking concert measures to attract tourists’ arrivals in the coming years, hopes are high of better days ahead.. It an undisputable fact that the tourism industry is a key player and…

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