12 Best Things To Do In Sumatra For Treating The Adventurer Within You!

12 best things to do in sumatra for treating the adventurer within you

Sumary of 12 Best Things To Do In Sumatra For Treating The Adventurer Within You!:

  • Most Expensive Coffee 2. Orangutan: Trekking Image SourceIf a tryst with the wild is what youre hoping for, then Bukit Lawang, a site that lies at the beginning of the Gunung Leuser National Park has some surprises in store for you!
  • Suggested Read: A Tour Guide To The Java Island in Indonesia 3. Medan Image SourceA city that is often merely an entry and exit point for tourists visiting Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang, Medan has much more in store if you take the time and effort to explore it.
  • Medan, in fact, is one of the best known places in Indonesia for native culinary delights, where the local delights of Soto Medan and Nasi Padang, the coconut milk based soup, curried fried noodles and Mie Aceh have earned it the nickname of Culinary Capital of Indonesia among domestic tourists.
  • 4. Mentawai Islands: Surfing Image SourceLocated just off the coast towards west Sumatra is a cluster of volcanic islands known as Mentawai Islands, most popularly known for having the best surfing conditions in Indonesia.
  • Suggested Read: 10 Holiday Homes In Indonesia For A Laid Back Island Vacation 5. Padang: Explore The Native Flavors Image SourcePadang is yet another popular destination in Sumatra, known to be the go-to place for the best food in Indonesia.
  • 6. Pulau Weh: Diving and Snorkeling Image SourceOne of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, Pulau Weh is a must-visit location for the lovers of water sports.

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