Five Essential Italian Wines And Liqueurs To Sample Before Your Next Trip To The Mediterranean

Sumary of Five Essential Italian Wines And Liqueurs To Sample Before Your Next Trip To The Mediterranean:

  • Prosecco Rosé FIOL/Alberto Feltrin The art of winemaking can be traced back thousands of years, but even in the modern era the industry continues to evolve—a fact we know all too well from Prosecco Rosé..
  • This newcomer to the world of wine was officially approved by the Prosecco DOC Consortium in May 2020, and is crafted from a blend of Glera grapes with 10-15% Pinot Noir..
  • Treviso-based winery FIOL has mastered the craft of Prosecco Rosé, with sweet notes of pear and apple accented by the rich cherry notes of the Pinot Noir..
  • getty Renowned worldwide for its dazzling orange glow, this bitter liqueur celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019..
  • A simple yet tantalizingly refreshing concoction, this simple blend of Aperol, prosecco, and soda water vaulted the humble apéritif to unprecedented heights, and it only grown more popular since the turn of the century..
  • Since 1980 this iconic wine has been under strict federal protection—it can only be produced in a small section of Cuneo province, and must consist of purely Nebbiolo grapes aged for a minimum of 38 months, 18 of which must be spent in wooden barrels..
  • The rich and earthy notes of Barolo are best enjoyed in the idyllic Piedmont countryside, but in the meantime, aspiring Italian wine experts can get their fix with a bottle from Fontanafredda, an acclaimed winery that been in business since the 1850s..
  • Amaro Montenegro AP Images for Amaro Montenegro Some may assume that this sweet digestif is native to the Balkans, but Amaro Montenegro is actually a wholly Italian product—its origins date back to 1885, first crafted in Bologna at the behest of Stanislao Cobianchi….

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