how to make the perfect cup of british tea

Sumary of How to make the perfect cup of British tea:

  • It was the most disrespectful flouting of Anglo-American conventions since a group of iffily-dressed Bostonians lobbed a consignment of loose leaf into the harbor..
  • (Royalty has gulped the stuff ever since, with Twinings being Elizabeth II’s label of choice.) The East India Company quickly muscled in on this trend and monopolized trade using Indian-grown leaves, often produced via indentured labor..
  • In 1784, Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger decided to bring in the Commutation Act, slashing tea taxes from 119% to 12.5%..
  • says Bekki Clover, training excellence manager at Bettys, a chain of tearooms that’s been serving Yorkshire for over a century..
  • “Soon the duchess was joined by her friends, and by Edwardian times afternoon tea, served on the finest china and silverware, had become a byword for elegant socializing.”.
  • Kate Halloran, tea innovation manager at Taylors, says that if using a pot, you should warm it up first by giving it a quick swirl with boiling water..
  • Where to drink tea in Britain High tea has more or less evaporated from the British way of life, but its ritzy cousin afternoon tea lives on as an occasional treat….

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