I busked to Norway’s midnight sun with a cello and a broken heart | Catrina Davies

i busked to norways midnight sun with a cello and a broken heart catrina davies

Sumary of I busked to Norway’s midnight sun with a cello and a broken heart | Catrina Davies:

  • Only there’s no road to Knivskjellodden: getting there involves an 8km hike over tundra formed of lakes, marshes and willow scrub to the windswept, barren edge of the Arctic Ocean.I watched the mountains change colour, from pink to yellow to orange, and cried like my heart was going to fall outThe trailhead car park was a small patch of gravel, and my van was the only thing parked in it.
  • Photograph: Mike NewmanI’d been away nearly two months, sleeping in my van by the side of the empty road, chasing the midnight sun north, busking for food and diesel, washing myself and my clothes in freezing fjords.
  • I remember feeling uncharacteristically, bizarrely, safe.A waterfall in Rago national park, on the way to Magerǿya island.
  • I woke up to find empty beer bottles on the back step, and broken glass by the front tyres.I drove to Oslo, which was 300 miles in the wrong direction.
  • I remember empty roads, forests of Norway spruce, the road tunnelling under the mountains for 30km.
  • Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty ImagesI lay back, closed my eyes, let my thoughts unfurl backwards through the days and weeks and months.

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