lighting up the sky

Sumary of Lighting up the sky:

  • This will be a sequel to the Muang Boran Light Fest and be included in the yearly schedule of events.
  • ” Spread over 20 rai, Muang Boran spent 10 million baht enhancing the landscape and constructing new attractions and roadways in the Northeast so that visitors can enjoy seamless biking or walking trips to learn about Isan culture.
  • “The Central Region is dedicated to the Muang Boran Light Fest as the lantern festival is set in the lower Isan region zone, home to replicas of Isan landmarks such as the Phimai Sanctuary and Prasat Phra Wihan.
  • That’s the reason why we’ve utilised colourful lanterns and spotlights to bring it back to life,” said Ploynapat Sirisoontaropas, deputy managing director of Muang Boran Group.
  • “Muang Boran has the potential to become Thailand’s event hub and not only a tourist destination.
  • It has carved pediments depicting religious myths, fight scenes from the Ramayana epic, Shiva dancing and goddess Uma riding a bull.

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