The Double Red Duke, Oxfordshire: ‘It’s a class act’ – restaurant review

the double red duke oxfordshire its a class act restaurant review

Sumary of The Double Red Duke, Oxfordshire: ‘It’s a class act’ – restaurant review:

  • The scallop had been cooked to a glossy mother of pearl within, and there, like a showily tinted comma from an illuminated manuscript, was the brilliant orange of the coral.
  • that the environment demanded a certain ungainly Gucci-ed poise that didn’t fit his full-fat approach.
  • Or make for one of the foliaged dining rooms with their plump green banquettes and the odd rust-coloured sofa, of a sort a food coma might pin you to at the end of the meal.‘A terrific piece of fish shown due care and attention’: turbot and lemon ketchup.
  • The closest thing to innovation is a brilliant green broad bean mash with garlic, lemon, tahini and olive oil, drizzled with chilli sauce, though even that is hardly revolutionary.
  • Hummus, made with broad beans rather than chickpeas, turns up all over the shop.
  • It’s a dollop of punchy loveliness and comes with heat-blistered flatbread straight off the grill.

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