This Humble Rice Dish Has Won Over Masterchef Judges

this humble rice dish has won over masterchef judges

Sumary of This Humble Rice Dish Has Won Over Masterchef Judges:

  • Can you present a humble, rustic dish in the final round of a prestigious globally acclaimed cooking competition?
  • Probably even Kishwar Chowdhury, the Bangladeshi-origin MasterChef Australia contestant, did not know the waves she was about to create when she put the ‘smoked rice water’ dish in front of the judges.
  • Served with a side of ‘alu bhorta’ and marinated fried sardines topped with a salsa of onions, coriander and other veggies, the dish drew rave reviews from the judges.
  • Depending on your economic circumstances, you may have it with alu bhorta [mashed boiled potatoes], or with fried fish,” she said.
  • People from Bangladesh have hailed Chowdhury’s achievement in the competition and her courage to take the simple dish to great heights.
  • According to Sumitra Panigrahi, a housewife from Odisha who is adept in cooking traditional dishes at home, the rice is first boiled and the water rice water or ‘torani’ is kept separately.

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