Travel To These European Countries Just Got Harder For Americans

travel to these european countries just got harder for americans

Sumary of Travel To These European Countries Just Got Harder For Americans:

  • getty It’s been less than a week since the European Union removed the U.S. from its ‘safe list’ of countries for nonessential travel, and already some of the most-visited 27 member states have reacted by clamping down with additional Covid-19 travel restrictions for Americans.
  • Here are the European countries where it has become more difficult for Americans to travel.
  • U. Countries Where Americans Are Virtually Banned Outright Sweden: As of September 6, the U.S. is now off Sweden’s list of “safe countries.
  • U. removed the United States from its “safe travel list,” Bulgaria put the U.S. on its “red zone” list.
  • American tourists may visit Bulgaria, however, if they arrive from a country on the “green list” or “orange list,” and present either proof of vaccination against Covid-19, a recent negative Covid test result, or proof of recovery from Covid-19. (More: U.S. Embassy) E.
  • U. Countries Where Americans Now Face Tighter Restrictions The Netherlands: The Dutch have imposed some of the toughest new restrictions on American travelers.

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