Sumary of Who Can Visit Scandinavia In June 2021?:

  • Getty The Scandinavian countries are slowly lifting their entry restrictions to allow European travelers into the country, although the exact rules vary between Denmark, Norway and Sweden..
  • Until the EU-wide vaccine passport system is implemented most likely by July or August, fully vaccinated people are not exempt from the entry bans..
  • The latest Scandinavia travel restrictions That being said, the EU does maintain a co-called white list of countries whose citizens are able to enter the EU for non-essential purposes, including tourism..
  • At the time of writing, just a handful of countries are on the list including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore..
  • It’s also worth bearing in mind that the implementation of the white list exemption is up to individual countries..
  • Introduced in mid-May, Denmark’s latest rules allow residents of EU/EEA/Schengen countries with ‘yellow’ or ‘orange’ status to enter the country..
  • Many people entering the country are required to show a negative Covid-19 test results, with the full list of requirements available here..
  • Norway has begun to relax its strict entry ban, but only for residents of EU/EEA/Schengen countries that have low infection levels….

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