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A Detailed Guide To Skydiving In Melbourne For The Best Experience In 2020

It’s no secret that Aussies love their adventure. Apart from the country being located on the edges of an island that is home to large expanses of desert, a thriving population of animals including some species that are unique to the continent, there is a myriad of adventure sports that the country offers to locals and visitors alike. As far as the adrenaline junkies are considered, the vast coastline of Australia mostly attracts those looking for some action in the water. However, there is another very popular adventure activity for those looking for some heart-stopping action- skydiving.

Just like beaches, Australia is home to several breathtaking skydiving centres and sites that are all competing for the attention of tourists. Since Melbourne is one of the most frequented Australian cities, it only made sense to talk about skydiving in this city. Read on to get all the important details on skydiving in Melbourne.

Why Skydive in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a fantastic city, especially from a travellers’ point of view. It is home to Australia’s busiest airport, attracts a ton of cheap flights, offers fantastic weather, along with a thriving nightlife. There is no doubt that Melbourne is one gem of a city and as a result, a lot of Australia-travel-itineraries begin in this city.

Variety: Melbourne is home to three different dive centres, all of which offer unique yet equally exhilarating experiences. You can choose to view how the beach turns into a thriving metro city from 14,000 feet at St Kilda Beach or choose to glide over vineyards and the expansive Australian countryside over Yarra Valley. Or, you can choose to dive with a view of the expansi

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