A journey to the end of the Earth in ultra-luxury (with our own submarine)

a journey to the end of the earth in ultra luxury with our own submarine

Sumary of A journey to the end of the Earth in ultra-luxury (with our own submarine):

  • One of two on-board Airbus helicopter lands on the flight deck of Scenic Eclipse in Antarctica.
  • I’m standing in the frigid open-air of the balcony of my suite aboard Scenic Eclipse, gazing out in wonder at a crystalline calm sea framed by a scattered skyline of icebergs of varying height and size, each clearly far better constructed and more imaginatively-designed than any modern-day block of high-rise flats.
  • This sparkling panorama, a pristine pageant of ice, sea and sky, presents itself shortly after the ship is spat out from the tempest that is one of the world’s most turbulent ocean crossings, and arrives in Antarctica, simultaneously the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent on earth.
  • Yes, a whale, not in the distance or on either side of the ship but immediately under me, has breached, revealing all of its immense body and completing its performance with a spirited flourish by spouting moist air from its blowhole.
  • I’m no marine biologist but my guess is it’s an Antarctic minke whale (okay, I Googled it).
  • What a way to mark my arrival at the Antarctic Peninsula aboard a 13-day cruise on the Australian-owned and operated Scenic Eclipse, billed as “the world’s first discovery yacht”.

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