Alarming rise in RAC insurance claims involving caravan crashes

alarming rise in rac insurance claims involving caravan crashes

Sumary of Alarming rise in RAC insurance claims involving caravan crashes:

  • Holidaymakers are being warned to take extra care on the roads with alarming statistics revealing a 50 per cent jump in caravan collisions this year — with September being a notoriously bad month for crashes.
  • The warning comes as families across the State prepare to wander out yonder over the school holidays, which start on September 25.RAC claims manager Glen Walker said the company’s statistics recorded a worrying 87 caravan-related incidents in September last year — the worst month on RAC record.
  • “There are more people out on the road and of course with our COVID lockdowns and people not being able to travel internationally, or more recently across Australia, people are investing in caravans,” he said.
  • “More caravans on the road invariably means more propensity to having collisions.
  • “And I think the other thing is people not perhaps being prepared for towing their caravan and inexperience as well.
  • ”A recent survey by the RAC revealed that a third of respondents had done little to no research or training prior to taking their caravan on the road.

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