Beef farmers outraged over ‘misleading’ packaging on vegetarian products

beef farmers outraged over misleading packaging on vegetarian products

Sumary of Beef farmers outraged over ‘misleading’ packaging on vegetarian products:

  • Helena BurkeNCA NewsWireCamera IconNot Supplied Credit: News Regional MediaShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the LinkAussie beef farmers are complaining that non-meat products are piggybacking off their hard work by labelling vegetarian foods “plant-based beef” or “vegan sausages”.
  • The farmers say they have worked hard to contribute to the prestige and draw that the terms “beef” or “meat” hold, and are outraged that meat-alternative products made from soybeans and other vegetable proteins are using the terms in bold letters on their packaging.
  • “The values that people usually attribute to beef is that it’s a clean, lean protein source because of the hard work that’s been done by industry associations,” Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association president David Connolly told a senate committee on Tuesday.
  • “They are using pictures of a beast, the word beef, and then the words ‘plant-based’ in much smaller labelling,” she said.
  • Senator McDonald lamented that she had received calls from people in her local community complaining they had accidentally purchased the vegetarian products believing they were made from real meat.
  • Camera IconSenator Susan McDonald told the committee that vegetable protein products were labelling their products as meat and then being unfairly placed in the meat section of the supermarket.

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